Changes to the State Debt Recovery website

We are aware of an email, phone and mail scam related to fines. Please refer to the latest advice on the Revenue NSW website and to

The Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery are now called Revenue NSW.

Please visit to pay your fine, or choose from one of the following options to help finalise your fine or fee:

Quick payment

Make a quick payment on your fine or fee online, by phone or via BPAY.


Finalise your fines and penalties by paying the penalty notice, requesting a review, naming the driver or going to court.

Overdue fines

An overdue fine is sent if you do not pay or finalise your penalty notice or court fine by the due date.

Overdue ambulance fees

Finalise your overdue ambulance fees by paying the fee or requesting an exemption.

Enforcement action

Enforcement action is taken if an enforcement order is not resolved by the due date.

Business partners and sponsors

Resources and online services for our commercial clients, advocacy groups and work and development order sponsors.